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Feel empowered and in control of your time.

A free printable download to use any time you wish at your disposal. You can keep track of your daily routines and projects. Organize all those whirlwind thoughts you have that keep you up at night. The best part, you will feel accomplished and will have somewhere to put those thoughts and see them come to fruition.

You won't have to spend time running out to the store looking for the perfect planner. You can use this simple planner over and over without the expense of buying a new one each time.



Save time during your busy schedule

We all wished we had more than 24 hours in a day. But unfortunately it seems we are limited by competing demands. Free up your schedule to add more time.

Write down what you want to achieve

Write out your most pressing matters in this very simple planner. It gives you an opportunity to view your life's actives through a snapshot with this planner. The simple to use printable can be conveniently used at any given time.

Feel Accomplished

Get a sense of accomplishment while you tackle your daily tasks.



Find the hours in your day! With Notes and Plans

A FREE printable to use as a download anytime you see fit. This is a gift that will give back to your life in ways you never thought about. Maybe you are thinking this is not for me. Let me tell you, having all those random thoughts and I have to does running around in a whirlwind can be eliminated.


Need to plan for your next project? Need to plan your daily activities? Need to keep track of your day, week, month or year?

Get this handy project planner for 2022 Notes and Plans to use anytime you are ready to start a new project. It can be used anyway you wish to write out your daily action steps. You can keep track of your activities as you go along.

Who is it for?

The Notes and Plans is for busy mom's, diYers, small home project managers and anyone who will practically need a road map to track their time and projects.

The Notes and Plans

Developed to help you through the day. Notes and Plans can be used to mark you milestones for projects and track simple things such how much water you drink during the day. Sounds crazy but most people will not take into consideration to keep hydrated while working on projects. I know I'm guilty of it. This is a simple printable planner that you can use over and over again throughout your project planning.

What's inside? You will get a very simple to do list, daily schedule and note tracker, and a actual project planner. You can print the pages as you wish and can be accessed through your mobile device or desktop computer.

Simple To Do List

Daily Schedule and Note Tracker

Actual Project Planner

Meet Sheila.

The founder of Sheila Crew Interiors. Sheila is dedicated to reaching single mom's and women that have been abandoned by their partners but are on the other side of life. Every woman who has walked through the doors of life and found themselves not being supported and are thriving but needing something more out of life, Sheila has the answer. She is offering a caring, communicative haven for women of all ages to address their pain. Sheila has walked through those doors and found a newer way of being.

She wants to share how you too can do the same and feel okay about your circumstances. Sheila learned her new way of being through upholstery to create a comfortable home environment, boost her self esteem and tap into her creative side.

This enabled her to secure she and her son's life and that was over 40 years ago. She and her son are still thriving and continuing their journey together.

The free printable download is an offering for you to use daily as many times necessary to keep track of your daily activities and projects. And also a gift of love!